Quick Answer: Can I Travel In Any Train With General Ticket?

How many passengers can travel in train?

two passengersHowever, except the one who is driving, only two passengers will be allowed.

For passengers coming to station from home, confirmed train ticket will be considered the pass.

Passengers coming to/going from the station can avail e-pass for their vehicles.

Mandatory screening of passengers on arrival..

How is 2nd AC in train?

Second AC or AC 2-tier (2A) In terms of features it stands less than the first ac coaches but in terms of service and comfort this class is way above 3A class. It has 6 berths in each compartment. Only 2 berths are there on each side of the compartment and there is no middle berth.

Can I book two tickets for same person?

you are being allowed by the Indian railways system to book 2 tickets on one persons name. It’s their system which allowed the booking to happen. If Rahul Gandhi books a train for congress party, not every congress workers name is there on the chart.

Can I travel in train with general ticket?

Now, these rules have also been applied to unreserved tickets in general category. In the trains marked by Railways as unirrigated trains or will be carried forward, the fare will be applicable according to the Mail Express trains for the journey.

Can I sit in 2S with general ticket?

2S stands for Second Sitting, it is a reserved class and your ticket will have your seat number, it is not the same as General Compartment which is Unreserved Class (UR). … General compartment tickets can only be bought at the local railway station.

Can I board train after 2 stations?

Boarding station can be changed before 24 hours of the scheduled departure of train. Boarding point change is not allowed if ticket is seized, said IRCTC. … There are chances when the passenger may wish to board train from another station but ticket has already been booked from any other station.

How much is fine for no train ticket?

Under the Penalty Fares regulations, passengers who are found without a valid ticket for their journey must pay either: a Penalty Fare of £20. twice the full applicable single fare to the next station at which the train calls, whichever is the greater.

Is second class and general same?

These trains would be fully reserved and will have AC and non-AC classes. The general coaches would also be reserved for sitting, so no person would have to stand in the general coaches. Also, the fare of the general coaches would be the same as that of the fare of the second seating (2S).

Can we travel with general ticket in sleeper class?

You can travel in general class only if you have a counter-ticket (PRS). … You are not allowed to sit on a confirmed seat in sleeper class with general ticket. The TTE and the passenger can ask you to leave the seat if you are found on sitting that seat.

Is General coach available in train?

There will be no unreserved coach in the train. Fare shall be as normal and for General (GS) coaches, being reserved, second seating(2S) fare shall be charged and seat will be provided to all the passengers. … Indian Railways will start operations of 200 passenger services as listed in the annexure (attached below).

Which seat is reserved for TT in train?

This step by the Indian railways can facilitate passengers traveling on the waiting and RAC tickets. Along with Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express, Express and Mail trains also have a fixed berth for TTE. The TTE in these trains have been allotted with seat number 7 in every sleeper coach.